GDPR Policy

Our General Data Protection Regulations

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced on 25th May 2018. The Regulations don’t just apply to businesses and large employers – they also extend to sports clubs. This is because most clubs regularly handle personal data for their respective members.


The Regulations mean that clubs must have robust processes and policies in place to manage the personal data of their members. Generally, sports clubs are required to ensure that the personal data held about members is:


·         Secure.

·         Viewed only by those who need to.

·         Limited to what is needed.

·         Accurate

·         Only kept for as long as needed.

·         Deleted/destroyed after a period of time.

·         Available to be seen by its owner on request.

·         Not shared with third parties unless stipulated.

·         Easily amended if incorrect


Family Karate Clubs do receive, manage and hold some personal information regarding its members. This information is limited though to; full name, date of birth, address, gender, telephone number, e-mail addresses, class attendance, basic payment details for classes, essential medical information, and details of gradings/promotions.


The Club strictly limits sharing this information with third parties. The main recipient of information from the Club is the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association who provide our student and instructor licensing and insurance.


The Club has undertaken a self-assessment upon; the records it holds, who they are shared with, the risks associated with this information and the measures in place and needed to mitigate these risks. We, therefore, wish to assure all of our members that all electronic and paper-based records are maintained securely and are administered solely by the Chief Instructor.


​The UK is due to withdraw from the European Union and the future scope of the Regulations is therefore unclear. Family Karate Clubs will continue to apply rigorous data protection procedures following any amendments or changes to future legislation.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the way that we manage your data, please feel free to discuss them with the Chief Instructor.

Policy Review Date: 7th May 2022