Club Rules

Dojang Rules and Etiquette

Our Club Rules

Remember this is your classroom!

1.       Please be on time and ready to start the class.


2.       When entering please remove your shoes and bow to the flags and your instructor.


3.       Wear the correct FULL uniform as you have been instructed (according to season).


4.       Turn your mobile phone to silent as this is a distraction to those training and the instructor.


5.       Remove jewellery and any watches or wristbands that could cause injury.


6.       NO eating or chewing whist training.


7.       We appreciate at times you may be late unavoidably, so please wait at the room entrance/map and wait with your hand raised until the instructor acknowledges you and invites you to enter safely to join in.  Please note you must warm-up at the start of your training.


8.       If for any reason you need to leave the dojang then raise your hand so your instructor is aware and you can then leave safely.


9.       During training please respect your surroundings, fellow students, your instructor and any spectators.  Pay attention, no talking when you should be listening and respectfully conduct yourself at all times.


10.   No horseplay or fooling around.


11.   Please leave the dojang at the end of the lesson in an orderly fashion, bowing on your way out.


12.   Enjoy your training and strive to reach your goals.




1.       Remember you represent the club at all times, so please wear your full uniform and turn up before the start time.  If you are late, it may be too late to join.

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Please feel free to download a copy of the club rules for your reference.